About the author

Claudia Senghor , agro-economist – specialized in sustainable development, agricultural consultant and entrepreneur.

Senegalese by birth, she spent her childhood and teenage years in Senegal before moving to Canada for her university studies in agriculture.

Specializing in the process of developing and managing agricultural and agri-food businesses, she is also, since 2021, a creator of agri-business content on social media under the name “Agrobabe” .

Her ambition is to actively contribute to the promotion of agricultural entrepreneurship in Senegal and Africa by enabling, primarily, young people who are interested in this field to be aware of the enormous opportunities offered by the agricultural and agri-food sector in Africa. Her main target group is young people, and she would like to encourage as many women as possible to take the plunge.

A determined fighter, Claudia is highly motivated and has a gift for communication, which has enabled her to work on a number of successful projects in Quebec and more recently in Africa.

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